Thank you ARTe!

We’ve had an outstanding time at ARTe fair in Sindelfingen, with a lot of visitors and many good discussions, we spoke about the project and sold our postcards and pictures.

For our colourful booth, where Jairo and Jorge were actually painting, we as well as the visitors were very delighted. Also some people took the chance to get a quick insight into how to paint wonderful postcards 😀

For all, it was the this year’s highlight and we will never forget our time at ARTe 2019

Thank you ARTe team for giving us this great opportunity!


Muchas gracias Lukasgemeinde!

We are very thankful for the donation we received from Lukasgemeinde in Gerlingen, Germany. Thank you very much!

The donation activity of winter 2018/2019 went to the project Artepintura. During the donation phase, several small ceramic churches were sent out to collect money and safely returned home to Lukas parish. Many people were involved in this activity and many gave money, where we want to say thank you for!

Muchas gracias!

Artepintura’s booth on Stuttgart – Vaihingen Christmas market 

The first weekend of December, some friends of Artepintura organized a wonderful booth at the local Christmas market in Stuttgart – Vaihingen. Together with the association Puente Nica ( we created two days of nicaragüense feeling in southern Germany. Besides local farmed and fair-trade nica coffee with or without good nica rum “Flor de Cana” and delicious churros we sold hand crafted goods, cards and paintings as well as some jewellery and smaller decoration parts for the household.

Many thanks to all who helped to make this booth possible!
Also many thanks to all who visited, for your great interest in the projects Artepintura and Puente Nica and for supporting our activities in Nicaragua.

See you next year 😊

Artepintura goes Germany

Some weeks ago Christin, our ambassador in Germany 😀, held a small presentation in Stuttgart, Germany, about the project itself, its goals and beliefs.

The presentation took place in the setting of a women’s community of a local church in Stuttgart. There were around 15 women present and they were very interested in the stories and pictures of the project. Christin showed a lot of photos and explained about the projects as well as her own experiences. The project goals and the setting where artepintura takes place impressed the women deeply and they listened with a lot of excitement.

The women also bought hand painted cards and gave some days, about what we are very happy! Many thanks!!