Mas pinturas…

Aqui 2 pinturas del Director y Fundador del programa Artepintura, el artista:Jairo Ampie



Year after year we strive to consolidate our core work values: A holistic and transformative development vision, effective teamwork and relationships with like minded organizations, a constat prayerful concern for the spiritual health of the communities we serve and the transparent and efficient stewardship of resources at our disposal.

Music instruction…

Choral and instrumental music instruction was added to Artepintura program in 2006. Currently there are three choral grousp receiving instruction in sacred, classical and folk music. The hope is that these choirs will come together in the future to present concerts in participating churches. Instrumental instruction is offered on a very limited basis at present on the piccolo flute and guitar. The volunteer instructors are young people in the local communities who have a musical skill and who are willing to share that skill with other young people.